Shoes (February 2012)


People who would get at the truth of things have never considered American mass media to be especially objective or accurate. Samuel Clemens used to say that folks who failed to read the daily newspapers were uninformed whereas loyal readers were misinformed. However considering only topical content and topical omissions determined readers can deduce and glean useful information about a society's interests, priorities, fads, or trends. The CIA has been known to employ analysts to do this worldwide.

We know for example that crowd control currently is a hot topic in American newspapers because of recent press about the Occupy Wall Street movement. And from the depth of related alternative media stories we can discern that the leader of the free world has militarized civilian law enforcement agencies across the country with combat attire, state-of-the-art weaponry, and unfortunate attitudes of authoritative belligerence uncharacteristic in societies cherishing freedom, practicing equality, and seeking justice.

Belligerence of course is inherent in military operations and military mindsets but the trait ideally is well-separated from enforcement authorities of civilized nations. The root term belligerent literally means at war and advanced nations practicing equality can not tolerate officials being at war with those whose interests they profess to serve.

Current American trends toward adversarial crowd control serve only to proclaim to the rest of the world that nominal American ideals are well beyond salvation and that government policies and civilian responses ultimately are apt to mimic Egyptian drama emanating from Tahrir Square with citizens espousing civilian oversight of the military.

This year's ill-advised National Defense Authorization Act arguably codifies military purview of US residents in such a fashion that neither posse comitatus nor constitutional law can protect individuals against indiscriminate loss of habeas corpus. NDAA 2012 was quietly signed into law on New Year's Eve completing lawmakers' legislative grand slam touted as critical to the so-called War on Terror. SOPA is next.

Proud Americans can rest assured that the very basic and essential human rights are no longer guaranteed to individuals living in this hypocritically complete nation still outwardly professing liberty and justice for all.

Today the Associated Press reported that approximately 100 law enforcement personnel in full riot gear "broke up" an "out-of-control" crowd outside an Orlando, Florida, shopping mall, thankfully without any injuries or arrests, although the out-of-control adjective seems a bit more credible when there are arrests and injuries.

Members of the crowd reportedly were waiting to purchase limited edition tennis shoes making a market debut this morning. The mass sense of urgency toward purchasing indicates that many essentially unfulfilled American lives are trying to bolster self-esteem through pride of ownership—a once underreported US trend now turned way of life for far too many it seems, symptomatic of immense underlying problems.

On the opposing side of the retail standoff those highly trained law enforcement troops donning full riot gear to confront enthusiastic shoppers likely wanted to do their job as instructed and without having to think too much about the nature of the crowd or what the group might be about—militarism at its best perhaps since it is only a paycheck. Jay Gould once observed: "I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half".

That germane observation was made over 120 years ago and apparently not much has changed other than money-getting power-bases shifting from railways to weaponry. Nowadays Ike's "disastrous rise of misplaced power" rules absolutely and gravely threatens American ways of life as known to those outside everlasting circles of great wealth.

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