Letter to Senator Marco Rubio (August 5th, 2013)

Dear Senator Rubio,

Thank you for your reply to my comments about NSA surveillance. I know that you are on the Select Committee on Intelligence and I know that those individuals who brief you have a great deal at stake in perpetuating the status quo.

I believe that the information Edward Snowden has provided to his country is more valuable in the public domain than held under wraps by the US government. In fact US Representative Ted Poe of Texas recently said "Snowden, I don't like him at all, but we would never have known what happened if he hadn't told us".

NSA programs and related programs appear to be of questionable value in fighting terrorism and unquestionably the final destruction of American values like "liberty and justice for all". In fact within minutes of receiving the reply from you I received today's Reuters article written by John Schiffman and Kristina Cooke exposing how "intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records" are being misused across the nation for purposes far removed from anti-terrorism. This is precisely what I oppose, government agents will ALWAYS misuse any special status or authority they are afforded, it is human nature.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky appears to be the only US Senator who currently understands these issues on any reasonable level. Every one else seems to be protecting a status quo long overdue for major overhaul. Senator Paul was a lone voice against extending PATRIOT, and look at the damage now done.

Assuming you disagree with what I have said I hope we can continue to disagree in a civilized fashion until America's due process, posse comitatus, habeas corpus, Bill of Rights, and other constitutional values are restored.

John Danilow
Concerned citizen

Cc: Senator Rand Paul

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