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John Danilow is a freelance writer, an ex computer professional, a Vietnam veteran, and a statistical casualty of war. He says the essays are therapeutic endeavors intended to provoke thought so be careful—George Carlin used to say that he was not a very good American because he liked to think.  

Thoughts Uploaded cover photo shot in Danang 1967.
Short Essays cover photos shot in Macau 1968.  

Both titles last published April 2014:


The first edition of Thoughts Uploaded was published in 2012 with a different ISBN. That version is no longer available anywhere. The Revised Edition of Thoughts Uploaded and the first edition of Short Essays remain in print. They currently are exclusively available directly from the publisher and the author. Both recent distributors—Amazon and Barnes and Noble— are completely sold out of these titles early in 2016 and reorders are not yet honored by the publisher.

L.C.P.: "... fascinating book[s] ... Kurt Vonnegut meets Kinky Friedman meets Neal Boortz meets Howard Zinn? Yes, complex with a slew of ... short essays [about changing times] from someone who knows enough to be both insightful and afraid of the consequences. Doesn't matter if you're left, right, or"
K.O.H.:"Holy really are a gifted writer...succinct and correctly stating our demise in the world today."
H.P.H.: " are one of the few modern intellectuals...I can absorb clarity and honesty...."
L.P.: "Great read...especially...regarding transparency and the truth..."  

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