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10/30/2017 marvelous graffiti:

A month or so ago an Atlanta friend snapped this picture of a mural he noticed during a trip to Bethlehem. When we received the photo, we thought it a marvelous cartoon but had no clue regarding its origins.

Yesterday, thanks to RT, we learned that the artist—who signs his work as "Lushsux"—has a portfolio of important murals on permanently unfettered public display in and around Jerusalem and Bethlehem. .

We hope our readers enjoy Tom's photo and those contained inside the RT article as well.

10/26/2017 anti-RT momentum:

Just when you think the U.S. "Deep State" has scraped the bottom of depravity, it manages to wiggle a little bit lower. Somehow Twitter's upper echelons have been frightened (or bankrolled) into banning RT's advertising from its site.

Twitter now says that RT "attempted to interfere with the [U.S. 2016] election on behalf of the Russian government", a well-known fantasy of certain U.S. spooks trying desperately to manufacture credibility which might be offered as testimony before Congress.

Good luck with all that—and never underestimate the power of bureaucracy within bureaucracy. Who knows what's next? .

We do know that Glen Greenwald called Twitter's actions "classic corporate cowardice" and characteristically Greenwald is always on target. We also know that James Clapper and a hand picked band of analysts started the election interference narrative with unsubstantiated innuendo and without a single shred of credible evidence. Media minions running with red herring kept critical hounds bewildered.

Surely everyone knows that a shameless James Clapper successfully lied in public with impunity as head of the entire [politicized] U.S. "intelligence" community and now appears pivotal in confounding— without compunction — hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens.

None of this will end delightfully because there are no longer "free agents" in American politics. Nowadays all the players are commodities. Foundational principles are irrelevant.

Perhaps these are the last days of unfettered Internet because the U.S. Deep State astutely senses an impending death if it cannot control all information available to the American public—and control the public itself through mass surveillance.

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."—A.J. Liebling


10/19/2017 propagandists:

A propagandist is one who disseminates propaganda so when accusing anyone of being a propagandist the accuser surely must have in mind a clear picture of what constitutes propaganda. These days propaganda, like beauty, most often lies in the eye of the beholder. "I know it when I see it" is how contemporary Western governments tend to define all things disturbing—this allows for officially categorizing disquieting actions "on the fly" into whichever legal and emotional pigeonholes are most expedient.

Merriam-Webster's "purest" definition of "propaganda" makes no distinction between the dissemination of accurate or inaccurate information in propagandizing. Rather M-W expressly says propaganda is: "ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect." Nonetheless propaganda seems most often colloquially construed to mean information which is "false, misleading, or exaggerated", however this is no definitive requirement.

No matter how one construes propaganda under these criteria, it seems obvious that all media outlets in the real world are propagandists. Certainly the news-for-profit boys are guilty of exaggerating virtually everything in inducing audiences to come-back, stay tuned, or purchase the next edition—and Western media's unquestioning rally around the "red, white, and blue" bears complicit responsibility for the last 17 years of needless horror and devastation foolishly visited on the Middle East, North Africa, and surrounding areas in the euphemistic interests of "spreading freedom and democracy" or "defending freedom". .

In fact propagandistic habits so pervade Western outlets that those outlets can no longer abide more credible competition. The astounding effectiveness of alleged propagandist RT becomes blatantly obvious amid the fervor of Western anti-RT hysteria that currently disparages RT—whose narratives are not controlled by the likes of Rupert Murdock. Consequently U.S. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want legislation requiring RT to register as a "foreign agent" in the U.S. and to face restrictions untenable to legitimate news organizations.

This week the U.K. Western propaganda chorus is demonizing RT ads posted on U.K. mass transportation. According to RT: "Labour MP [Member of Parliament] Tom Watson has asked broadcasting regulator OFCOM [U.K.'s Office of Communications] to investigate the tongue-in-cheek ads, which pose ironic questions such as: 'The CIA calls us a propaganda machine. Find out what we call the CIA,' and 'Missed the train? Lost a vote? Blame it on us.'" Marvelous stuff. Clearly subversive. Hang 'em high.

Get rid of the competition and just tell us more about the myths of global warming, the need for increasing nuclear arsenals, why we need to supply Saudi Arabia and other terrorists with more and better killing toys, how economic sanctions are helping win friends and allies around the world, and why Congress can't find 6 or 7 billion dollars for taxpayer healthcare while sending 100 times that much annually to DoD for slaughtering others.

Better yet, answer this: "How can a nation devoid of humanitarian goals, dismissive of human rights, and primarily exporting war be considered the 'leader of the free world'?"

10/12/2017 supplying news for profit:

Recently there are daily headlines about "fake news" in the U.S. and even some news sources are confirming that U.S. news is sometimes "made-up". Equally important is that U.S. audiences are learning just how orchestrated Internet search results can be when searching for specific [news] topics; and this is totally dependent on whims of search engine owners. In tech circles for example, Google has long been recognized as a pioneer in a form of censorship that manipulates the rankings of search engine results via bots and human intervention. These days it's called "gatekeeping".

Many Americans seem shocked by such revelations and a few even surmise that the news about fake news is in itself fake. However Western outlets supplying news for profit harbor long histories of prevarication. The two most famous American newspaper Moguls, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, became known as fathers of yellow journalism while building mass audiences and competing heavily against one another in the late 1800s. There even are persistent legends about Hearst telling photographers to supply pictures and "I'll supply the story".

Such founding traditions still plague American news outlets vying for audience share—because audience share is all important when supplying news for profit. The currently fashionably reported nevertheless bogus Russian threats are cases in point. For example politicized "intelligence" communities provided insinuation until media "caught on" and began reporting a non-existent Russian "hack" of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) as fact.

Even after Julian Assange [Mr. 100% credibility] revealed otherwise and VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) showed the "hack" to be in reality a "leak", MSM (western mainstream media) continues to report the alleged Russian hack as fact despite no credible evidence whatsoever. This is as good as contemporary American journalism gets since it draws substantial audiences. Likewise today's politicized "intelligence" communities are long on innuendo and insinuation but short substantiation of official narratives—zero credibility.

Nowadays the Russian owned and funded RT news organization seems to be the most consistent provider of well-researched, in-depth reporting within U.S. borders and for that reason alone America's floundering "Deep State" would bury that entity. American demonization of RT began in earnest several years ago coincidentally as RT was providing excellent reports from Syria. Western foreign policy narratives frequently are riddled with deceit and cannot withstand glimpses of truth.

RT did not by accident become "the most viewed TV news network on YouTube" in less than 10 years despite orchestrated opposition. RT is a better alternative for worldwide audiences and the continuing growth of those audiences confirms that fact. Politicized U.S. "intelligence" communities fear and loathe RT since uncontrollable narratives are bugbears to peddlers of fraud.

And collusive Google has dropped RT from its premium advertising service without notice. A few days ago RT's own announcement of the situation said this in part: "This speaks to the unprecedented political pressure increasingly applied to all RT partners and relationships in a concerted effort to push our channel out of the US market entirely, and by any means possible."

What is truly shameful is that the U.S. can no longer abide professional competition, free markets, or free speech. The fragility of contemporary Western narratives can't be shored-up by MSM without employing both transparency and truth—neither of which is especially palatable to today's organization of political means and media minions. It's much easier to legislate RT out of the country than it is to legislate official transparency and help raise news-for-profit journalistic standards. .

10/04/2017 U.S. likely in Afghanistan indefinitely:

After learning first-hand how manipulative Goggle has become in providing search results, we typically use Bing for locating things of interest on the Internet. That approach seems to deliver more pertinent results more quickly and without significant filtering biased by commercial interests and/or political philosophy.

Nevertheless this morning we used both Bing and Google in attempts to locate recent mainstream news about America's intent to keep a continuing military presence in Afghanistan "indefinitely". Guess what: Only RT.COM picked up on yesterday's comments by US Defense Secretary James Mattis. Secretary Mattis was in the company of Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and both men were testifying before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) about current military "strategy" in Afghansitan.

In August a few mainstream outlets reported on Trump's 4,000-or-so-man troop buildup there. Typically the reports also projected that the U.S. could be entangling herself in a tar baby. However no one but RT reported today on yesterday's lame-assed comments by Mattis before the lame-assed SASC: "We want them [the Taliban] to have no hope of ever winning." Mattis and Dunford must be very persuasive. Everyone present seems to support another 16 years of frittering away good resources in "the graveyard of empires".

One reason there are official U.S. efforts to ban RT from America is that RT more fully informs.

FYI America's Afghanistan invasion history—excerpt from American Warpaths Since 9/11:

"Gore Vidal informed us in 2002, via an interview published in Dreaming War, that the U.S. had intended occupation of Afghanistan in October 2001 long before events of September unfolded. Impetus for that sinister schedule seemed to be the incremental unpredictability of US-cultivated Taliban leaders' arrangements with California-based Unocal over its intended oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to Karachi's seaport for ultimately shipping Caspian-area crude to Chinese destinations".1

"Consequently after 9/11 Afghanistan, a country innocent of that episode and coincidentally the place Osama bin Laden was first employed by America and trained to assist the Taliban in opposing Soviet occupation, was invaded by the U.S. using Hitler's rationale for entering Poland. In 1939 the Fuhrer claimed Polish saboteurs so seriously threatened the homeland that invasion was actually a defensive maneuver. In 2001 the U.S. proclaimed the Afghan countryside to be harboring a presumably safeguarded bin Laden and to be nurturing terrorism in a fashion that warranted the illegal U.S. invasion of that sovereign nation as a defensive maneuver. Thus Nazi rationale was recast, ultimately perhaps with even less desirable results still unfolding. Interestingly the first US-installed Afghan ruler was Hamid Karzai, a former Unocal adviser according to numerous sources."


1 "Gore Vidal and Marc Cooper, 2002. "Last Defender of the American Republic?: An Interview with Gore Vidal" published in Dreaming War, Thunder's Mouth Press / Nation Books, New York. The following comments were added to this endnote 09/16/2016: According to Wikipedia Unocal merged in 2005 with Chevron and "continues to conduct many operations as Union Oil Company of California, a Chevron company". Also Dreaming War contains additional substantive information about Caspian-area to Karachi pipeline plans—information which is presented outside the interview cited here."


10/01/2017 official persecution of RT:

It's tough to find a consistently credible news organization these days and American audiences seem especially disadvantaged in that respect. Nevertheless this is nothing new. Samuel Clemens used to say that those who failed to read the daily newspapers were "uninformed" whereas the loyal readers were "misinformed". And A.J. Liebling is credited with summarizing it best: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."

Cheerleading for money and power is pretty easy and generally ensures that everyone is "thinking the thoughts that others think" and "doing the things that others do"—a form of training as Nock showed us and anathema to education. Ideally worldwide media outlets earnestly will seek to educate and to shed light into the dark corners of human existence and expose the excesses of both government and private sector hoodlums in order to incite public dialogues and ultimately facilitate corrective actions. This is the difficult charge of journalistic excellence.

Unfortunately nowadays the U.S. government cannot abide transparency and withers within the light of truth. A nation so underpinned by deceit that she cannot withstand the public airing of either less-deceitful narratives or axiomatic truths is in desperate need of an honest modus operandi. Squashing RT news organization's outlets inside western countries is no solution at all. Mending American foreign policy and raising American journalistic standards are much better ideas.

For those who don't know, RT is a Russian owned and funded news organization which came on strong about 10 years ago with a very young editor-in-chief. By airing excellent in-depth reports and a greater variety of newsworthy stories, RT garnered an incredible worldwide following in less than a decade. Western views are frequently aired and those same views with a different spin are also presented. In other words RT is simply a more palatable and credible news organization than can be otherwise found stateside.

By simply being a superior news organization, RT has become quite popular very quickly. RT is not afraid to say in-depth that U.S. foreign policy is a disaster and this scares warmongers beholden to the military-industrial-surveillance complex—as are senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both of these men support legislation requiring RT to register as a "foreign agent" and to face restrictions untenable to legitimate news organizations.

Keep in mind that BBC is government owned and funded yet not registered as a foreign agent in America. It appears that, irrespective of fact, opinion is everything when disseminating information in the "land of the free". Uncle Sam seems to be saying: "If you don't agree with us, we cannot allow your information into our county. It's too accurate and therefore very dangerous. We are too weak to withstand competent competition and the light of truth." So much for America's free speech, free enterprise, and tolerance of alternative views. So much for American ideals.

Nonetheless Larry King's new show hosted by RT is wonderful—or "was" wonderful. Several months ago, presumably because of Washington DC's paranoia, we lost our access to RT via Roku wireless TV.

Thanks to a currently unfettered Internet, the link provided above uncovers a great and informative read. Try not to miss it. If you have strong opinions about RT, please let us hear from you.

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