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early voting

10/29/2016 early voting:

We voted today and if this hometown is any indication, voter turnout will be heavy for the election. Lines are seldom encountered during early voting but were at least noticeable when polls first opened this morning. Several hours later the polling place was steadily fielding significant numbers.

The accompanying picture shows one voter in well-worn old-glory short-shorts and cowboy boots seemingly engrossed in marking her ballot.

As far as we know, today's only exit polling lies in reading tee-shirts leaving the polling place. "Hillary for Prison" was seen several times.

Unfortunately neither the Democrats nor Republicans have offered worthwhile presidential candidates this year and it makes little difference which of those two might occupy the White House.

We still prefer the Green Party's Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for President and Vice President respectively and we love the Greens' idea of putting "People, Planet, and Peace before Profit". The Green Party is on the ballot in Florida and you can write them in if they are not on your state's ballot.

Irrespective of outcome this election cycle has already demonstrated the inadequacies of America's electoral process including ineffectual committees, both RNC and DNC, as well as ill-advised media exclusions of viable third party candidates from reasonable public exposures. And Wikileaks'revelations have confirmed just how sordid all the electioneering has become.

10/24/2016 snookered about Assange?:

We seldom get snookered by internet news reporting yet last night appears to be an exception. The (USA24) story which we relayed to readers implied that Julian Assange made a public announcement about the lack of Russian involvement in DNC email exposures. Today that implication cannot be confirmed and all indications are that the USA24 report was mustered from outside narratives about Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, who recently visited Julian Assange in London's Ecuador embassy. Fortunately the alleged uncharacteristic suppositions attributed to Mr. Assange in the USA24 story likely were never made.

Nevertheless Craig Murray's claim of "definite knowledge that Russia is not behind the Clinton leaks" is far more credible than any claims to the contrary reported by western MSM. It is best to read Mr. Murray's own words about truth, media corruption, and Wikileaks in this very fine short piece at his personal web site. Most likely Russia is completely innocent of the DNC email exposures whether hacked or leaked.

10/23/2016 today's important new Assange revelations:

It has only been a few minutes since reported1 that Julian Assange and Wikileaks have revealed the DNC email hackers to be Democrat whistleblowers and not Russians. This you can take to the bank. The Russian plot scenario does not stand to reason, and exactly as reported Julian Assange has an impeccable track record of dispensing facts truthfully—unlike our politicians and civil servants. Unfortunately in this case Mr. Assange's suppositions as reported by are plausible but seem a bit of a stretch considering the facts currently in hand. In any case Vladimir Putin and the bad ol' Russkies evidently had nothing at all to do with the DNC hack—a point we've been making from the beginning.
1dead link removed 10/12/2017

10/20/2016 Madonna's offer:

Somehow we missed this story yesterday, yet the most appealing coverage of the entire election cycle. According to RT.COM Madonna has offered oral sex to anyone casting a ballot for Hillary—the only kosher or compelling reason we've seen to vote that way. Reportedly Madonna has said, "And I'm good ... I am not a douche, and I am not a tool. I take my time ... I maintain eye contact, and I do swallow". Wow! How's that for Democratic class?

Nevertheless Green Party supporters can't be bribed with temporary pleasures and our goals are not self-serving. Tonight DemocracyNow.Org will air a two hour "Expanding the Debate" special they say will "break the sound barrier" by giving voice to marginalized candidates who will appear on the ballots in most states. We presume our candidate Jill Stein will be showcased. Don't miss it.

10/17/2016 RT and western free speech:

Since around 2005 Russia Today and RT news audiences have grown enviably while western media outlets' typically have declined. The reason appears to be that RT simply reports relatively truthfully and factually about a wider range of international topics than the competition—and certainly without the west's characteristic unsubstantiated innuendo. Worldwide audiences are starved for better reporting after decades of global western media dominance. Commendably nowadays western narratives are being challenged in situations begging for new and accurate insights.

Outmoded old-school U.S. officials like John McCain are concerned that RT is winning with propaganda the "cold war" that his kind for several years are desperately trying to revive—a subtle admission of perpetual U.S. propaganda participation. McCain went fairly public with those comments back in 2015—around the same time that Award-winning Serbian director and musician Emir Kusturica suggested that WWIII would start with the west's bombing of RT facilities—of course RT facilities would not require bombing if they were shut down.

Toward that end RT earlier today received written notice that RT's Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) accounts were being closed and the decision was final. In the past several hours an email contradicted that letter's wording and the episode is still unfolding. The U.K. government is a significant shareholder in RBS and the likelihood of State orchestration is enormous.

Surely it is pure coincidence that Julian Assange lost his internet connection1 today due to State actions. Nevertheless these two incidents are indicative of western thinking and choreography—still conducting covert actions as if worldwide western narratives remain unchallenged and worldwide communications are effectively filtered by essentially repressive powers-that-be. The west would do well to cultivate other than adversarial relationships with everyone who disagrees with out-of-date policies and practices.

1Broken WAPO link replaced 12/23/2016. Broken MSN link replaced 11/29/2016, also at this date it is known that Ecuador severed Assange's internet connection to avoid accusations of complicity in the ludicrous charge of "interfering in U.S. elections". Truly this was coincidence.


10/12/2016 high stakes gaming:

There can be no doubt that a U.S. program to demonize Russia is in full ludicrous-swing. Almost daily Russia is officially accused of some transgression or the other always without accompanying proof or substantive rationale but always with juicy innuendo and implications that Russia is an enormous threat to Americans. It's enough to turn a maggot's stomach.

For example, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, a man with zero credibility and vastly beholden to Hillary's friend POTUS for ignoring Clapper's blatant public perjury before Congress, recently signed-off on a document issued jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Intelligence Community formally accusing Russia of hacking e-mails "intended to interfere with the US election process"—using Russia scaremongering to manipulate the citizenry.

Certainly the document's wording is no credible assessment and appears to be an attempt to "play the Russian card" in order to sway ignorant voting blocks toward Hillary because "Russia likes Trump best". This sort of balderdash is short-sighted at best and extremely detrimental to international relations no matter what the outcome. Seemingly there is a lack of both sophistication and shame at the highest levels of U.S. government and opportunism is all the rage—either Hillary or The Donald will fit right in. Even MSM's WAPO seems to express a bit of doubt about the "blame Russia" thing: "governments will often have difficulty in making charges of hacking attacks stick ... governments may sometimes have incentives to lie, given that they have plausible reasons to fail to provide evidence".

Nonetheless if Russia were guilty—an extremely long shot—for the country with the most sophisticated hacking tools on the planet to accuse another of foul play in using similar but "inferior" tools is blatant hypocrisy and creepy PR at best. The current administration has foolishly allowed tenured militarized forces near and at the top to call too many policy shots as did the previous three administrations.

Also note that Hillary's UN friends are publicly trying desperately to affect the U.S. election. According to BBC, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein announced at a news briefing in Geneva that "If Donald Trump is elected ... without any doubt ... he would be dangerous from an international point of view". Hillary has close UN ties from her Secretary of State days and they are just as objective today as when they conned commentators into believing the Libya fiasco to be a "model intervention"—yet still in chaos, constant bloodshed, and without unequivocal government five years on.

Continuing on with the blame Russia amusements, surely by now everyone knows that US-led forces broke the recent ceasefire in Syria nevertheless still blame Russia. The attack on the humanitarian convoy appears to have been accomplished by terrorist forces rather than Syrian/Russian air strikes. Vladmir Putin claims to know whodunit and says the U.S. does as well but is hell-bent on gaming. In any case America appears entirely ready to engage war with Russia in order to totally destroy Middle East power structures as they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya—and with horrific consequences for everyone except America - so far. Time will tell. For now Hillary would keep the warmongers flush and the munitions zinging.

But don't get me wrong. I've had it with both Republicans and Democrats. This election I'm voting Green to avoid being a part of either of the two "major" candidates' grab for power. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka have colossal class, education, and insight when compared to the polished thugs that traditionally pass as "leaders" in this subtlety disintegrating empire. The Green Party's election would be a small step toward civilized behavior for a change.

humane paradigm

10/09/2016 third party support:

Everyone knows the American system is rigged against third party candidates yet few realize the depth of the rigging. For example prior to Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid as the Reform Party's candidate, third party candidates were not considered a serious threat to the established order. However despite having only about 7% poll rating, Perot was allowed to participate in televised presidential debates. Subsequently he garnered about 19% of the popular vote and that rapid acceptance by the electorate clearly threatened America's two party control-mechanisms. Nowadays an almost impossible 15% pre-debate poll rating is required for newcomers' debate participation. This ensures fresh ideas are not easily submitted for public consideration.

Nonetheless there are excellent third-party choices in the current election. We prefer Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for President and Vice President respectively. The Greens espouse well-considered priorities of "People, Planet, and Peace over Profit" and are the only candidates in the American presidential contest championing focused endeavors toward world peace.

Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party's nominee for Vice President, in July published an article revealing far greater understanding of the Middle East dilemma than either Hillary or The Donald appear to grasp. One can read that very excellent work it HERE. Also last week's "Expanding the Debate" series gave Mr. Baraka an opportunity to respond to the same questions given mainstream VEEP candidates. That airing can be read or viewed HERE. Investigate his views, experience, and apparent value system in comparison to those of the "major" parties' candidates for VEEP.

One can also watch or read Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's after-the-fact participation in the first presidential debate HERE. Remember that, because of Republican/Democrat rigging, not all third party candidates will be on the ballot in every U.S. state. If the Greens don't make your state's ballot, write them in.

10/09/2016 deceit, secrecy, and policy:

When defending Edward Snowden back in June of 2013, it was noted that "Any need for intense secrecy is no asset" in this evolving world of networked digitized information where truth ultimately is hidden less often than the sun and moon. Nowadays the U.S. is having little success hiding the deceits of its imperialistic foreign policy from world scrutiny. This trend—if the West fails to generate nuclear war first—might breathe new life into the use of straightforward diplomacy as an instrument of national policy, before jumping right into characteristic lies and ill-advised warfare for all the wrong reasons. Time will tell.

Meanwhile earthlings are treated to discovered tidbits like "Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos", as reported by RT.COM. Irrespective of the merits or lack thereof in covert video efforts, the Pentagon's organizational credibility is rightfully undermined by public disclosure yet revealing the story is all-important for reasonable transparency. The public must know in order to ask: what other PSYOPS deceits might be lurking even in MSM? If red-herring videos are required to conduct business, one might consider new lines of work.

America's highest-level well-documented public liar seems to be Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, America's number one spook, who in congressional testimony disavowed NSA's ongoing mass surveillance of U.S. citizens. . The fact that he perjured himself so blatantly is far less revealing than the fact that he still holds the same job and frequently is paid by U.S. taxpayers to travel the country addressing college students about the evils of truth-teller Edward Snowden.

Apparently to assist Hillary, Clapper recently hinted that Russia could be behind the DNC e-mail hacks that landed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz a job directly with Clinton. All that is well and good for the inbreeds but where is truth? According to RT.COM the owner of the Russian server company implicated in the DNC hack "recently told the New York Times that 'If the FBI asks, we are ready to supply the IP addresses, the logs.' However, he says, 'Nobody is asking ... It's like nobody wants to sort this out.'"

Meanwhile back in Syria, thanks to more leaks, the primary U.S. desire to topple Assad is becoming more apparent every day. Again according to RT.COM "Leaked Kerry comments prove US involvement in Syrian crisis from onset". And after bombing legitimate Syrian forces for over an hour during the Syrian ceasefire, America has desperately tried to blame Russian "war crimes" for the truce's failure. "Over 60 Syrian troops and nearly 200 more were wounded when US, British and Australian warplanes blasted the base in a sustained attack. Washington claimed it was an 'accident'."

We suggest earthlings everywhere—even here at home—need be mildly frightened of U.S. policies and procedures and keenly aware of their possible ramifications. Those believing in karma know that "time wounds all heels".

10/04/2016 maritime trade routes:

Here's a quote worth thinking about: " ... We need to admit that the essence of the war in Syria, in Ukraine, in Yemen, in the South China Sea is a part of a global American strategy to block Eurasia from having access to the maritime trade roots [sic]. And this was mentioned not only during the Obama administration but also it was mentioned by former scholars. It is part of the consistent strategy since the late 19th century to block any land power from having access to maritime trade roots [sic], and this explains the policy of containment during the Cold War ,,, ", from an article published by RT.COM.

That is partial explanation of warmongers' desires to escalate Syrian belligerence despite POTUS' uncharacteristically thoughtful reluctance. There is little doubt where the U.S. typically treads when diplomacy is the only other remaining option.

congressional clowns

10/01/2016 clowning around:

The U.S. Senate and House chambers should be redesigned to match the interior of a VW "Beetle"—the vehicle so many clown acts have used to "hold" a circus' entire clown entourage. These days you can't even call Congress "self-serving" with a straight face. They exclusively serve well-heeled lobbyists except when politically clowning around for the sake of politics alone and characteristically end up serving no one.

However inconceivable the finger-pointing appears, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was trying on Thursday to shift blame to POTUS for the congressional override of the President's veto of the "sue Saudi Arabia" bill. Even without listening we heard POTUS say loud and clear that the bill is ill-advised while giving three specific reasons for vetoing it. Despite those public announcements congressional "leaders" ram-rodded [ya-ya, not a verb] the veto's override through a willing Congress just to show that it could be done—while foolishly playing on the emotions of 9/11 victims' families and pseudo-patriotic voting blocks. Meanwhile in addition to the President's official veto statement, the bill's downsides were aired by a number of MSM outlets like NPR news.

Looking at the quality of our legislative processes and representation, it's no wonder the country is in such marvelous shape—and with such admirable presidential material "leading" her two major American political parties [and the nation] down the yellow brick road. Few constituents disagree that change is long overdue. Barack Obama proved "major" candidates promising change cannot deliver. Jill Stein, on the other hand is not beholden to corporate sponsors and would give truly positive change an enthusiastic and energetic go. It's the only reasonable way forward in this farcical U.S. election 2016—even before we have heard "the rest of the story" from Julian Assange.

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