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11/20/2016 Trump's first 100 days:

President elect Donald Trump has solicited constituent input to help prioritize issues to be addressed in the first 100 days of his administration. All readers of this blog are encouraged to participate in his online survey in order to indicate approval or disdain of Trump agendas. Participating in this survey may be your only chance to let YOUR priorities be known. We do not advocate political contributions.1.

After answering the questions one is required to give his or her name, email address, and zip code in order to have the information registered for consideration—a minimal amount of information to ensure validity. Presumably "ranked choice" responses will be considered in setting the priorities for the first 100 days of Trump's administration.

Here is the essential text of the Trump letter as reported by several legitimate sources;

"The election may be over, but our work is just getting started. In 61 days, we begin our mission to Make America Great Again! As I've said so many times before, I will not be able to do it alone. I'll need you to step up and play an active role in fixing our country and enacting our platform for America."

"Which is why I'm asking you to take the 100-Day Plan of Action Survey, so that we can determine what we MUST accomplish as our first order of business. Our first hundred days in office will set the stage for our entire presidency."

"The world will be watching every action we take over those first hundred days. It's incredibly important that we set the right agenda and deliver on our promises to the forgotten men and women of our country. While our transition team is busily assembling our cabinet as I write this to you, I need you to step up and help craft our plan of action for the first hundred days of the TRUMP Administration."

"Please take our 100-Day Plan of Action Survey to help our transition team set the right agenda for our first few months in office."

"Thank you,
Donald J. Trump
President-Elect of the United States of America"

1editing and additional text 11/21/2016 "in order to indicate approval or disdain of Trump agendas. Participating in this survey may be your only chance to let YOUR priorities be known. We do not advocate contributions".


11/17/2016 war on truth:

In the past decade RT (Russia Today) has become a worldwide premier source of international news simply by giving its audience more facts with less spin than the western competition. RT's motto "question more" is exceedingly palatable to both me and Larry King who incidentally has an RT-based show.

Wednesday a U.S. Department of State (DoS) spokesman conducting a news briefing said that he would not treat RT in the same way as other media outlets because it is Russian owned. What ignorance! In fact it was when an RT reporter questioned unsubstantiated DoS claims [propaganda?] by asking about evidence sources [for verification] that the DoS spokesman went berserk.

And the Pentagon isn't behaving any better in today's U.S. "war on truth". A military spokesman presumably replying tongue-in-cheek said he would be rightfully executed if he allowed RT organizations into the U.S. military's "media events".

In any case the world would be much better off if the U.S. DoS and the U.S. Department of Defense dealt in the light of day with less to hide. Lack of transparency and necessity for secrecy characteristically are proportional to deceitful underpinnings. Perhaps the zeal with which the Obama administration has persecuted whistleblowers and less-than-sycophantic journalists is directly proportional to its fear of light.

11/17/2016 Clapper resigns:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has finally resigned. The man who with impunity and without compunction lied to Congress, the American people, and the rest of the world about U.S. mass surveillance programs is retiring at age 75, not a minute too soon for most of us. His resignation is effective at the end of President Obama's term.

Readers may recall that he rightfully should have been fired and indicted back in March of 2013 along with then NSA Director Keith Alexander. Both men are retired U.S. armed forces flag officers who nevertheless grossly misled the nation and the world about U.S. "intelligence" communities' intent, procedures, mechanisms, and results in collecting details about individuals whether or not suspected of any crimes or conspiracies against the U.S. government. Some government and media observers accused the two men of lying under oath, obstructing justice, and/or giving false testimony. Neither man was punished for lying to protect the status quo. Recently Clapper tried to help Hillary by vaguely implying that the Russians might have a hand in DNC email revelations—a scenario now known to be false.

Conversely seekers and suppliers of truth, like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and others, are ignominiously persecuted for revealing important truths that American taxpayers need to know. The electorate is certainly not going to hear about such things from government sources or their minions. Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden have never lied to me. James Clapper, Keith Alexander, and Barack Obama have.

Almost exactly three years ago this site posted the following: "POTUS can help the nation's mental health far more than he imagines simply by holding the likes of James Clapper, Keith Alexander ... and others accountable for apparent law-breaking. Encouraging Americans to feel helpless and inconsequential and less privileged by unduly protecting administration associates from consequences of their high-profile transgressions is simply poor leadership. Mental health is definitely the nation's number one problem. Restoring pride in the nation by restoring traditional values and ceasing the unnecessary and senseless slaughter of innocents abroad would teach the whole people by example."

11/15/2016 ultimate justice:

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune published an Associated Press story indicating that International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors believe that members of the "U.S. armed forces and the CIA [U.S. Central Intelligence Agency] may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in Afghanistan, ... raising the possibility that American citizens could be indicted even though Washington has not joined the global court". That announcement was made by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's office and as a minimum is yet another symbolic step toward justice. Ms. Bensouda is well-known for employing suggestive bully pulpits. Regardless, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) already has noted that "The government of the United States is subject to customary international law and to the Principles of the Nuremburg Charter and the Nuremburg Decision", theoretically anyway.

Back in 2012 KLWCT found1 "former U.S. President George W. Bush and his associates namely Richard Cheney, former U.S. Vice President, Donald Rumsfeld, former Defence Secretary, Alberto Gonzales, then Counsel to President Bush, David Addington, then General Counsel to the Vice-President, William Haynes II, then General Counsel to Secretary of Defence, Jay Bybee, then Assistant Attorney General, and John Choon Yoo, former Deputy Assistant Attorney-General guilty as charged and convicted as war criminals for Torture and Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment of the Complainant War Crime Victims" for complicity in specific U.S. activities in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Despite its infallibility that verdict is largely symbolic.

Nonetheless KLWCT findings are submitted to ICC and presumably constitute adequacy enough for ICC prosecutors "to seek authorization to open a full-scale investigation in Afghanistan that could lead to war crimes charges". Many think such an investigation is long overdue. Additionally the U.K.'s Chilcot Report suggests KLWCT's 2011 convictions were right on target. "On November 22, 2011, KLWCT issued unanimous verdict1 that found both George W Bush and Tony Blair guilty of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and genocide as a result of their roles in the Iraq War." Perhaps ICC's prospective Afghanistan investigation will materialize and subsequently defy the second law of thermodynamics by trickling upward. That's another long shot.

1domain no longer available 02/11/2017 - links removed. As of 5/29/2017 domain is under new ownership unaffiliated with Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

trump incoming

11/09/2016 the morning after:

Whether or not you are a Michael Moore fan you've got to give him credit for calling this election back in October. Salon's germane article from October 26 is entitled "Michael Moore: People will vote for Donald Trump as a giant 'F**k you' ... and he'll win". Once again the man who created "Fahrenheit 9/11" made the right call.

Today ABC published partial results of Reuters/Ipsos election-day polling which reveals some sources of discontent and distrust pervading the American electorate: "The poll, which will be updated as additional responses are tallied and votes are counted, found:"


"The Reuters/Ipsos online opinion poll was conducted on Election Day in English in all 50 states." Obviously this election is no blanket endorsement of Republican policies past, present, or future, but is an enormous manifestation of citizenry disaffection with the status quo. It is, as Michael Moore said "a giant [establishment] F**k you". This time the establishment failed despite ludicrous overt efforts to elect Hillary.

A Green Party win would have delivered the same rebellious message but the Greens additionally offer priorities of "People, Planet, Peace over Profit". Jill Stein garnered near 1% of the vote this time around very roughly tripling the Green performance of 2012. If she were allowed reasonable media exposure, the tale would be quite different. Ross Perot had about 7% pre-debate poll performance in 1992 yet garnered almost 20% of the vote in the general election, which is precisely why the rules were changed to require 15% pre-debate polling before a candidate is given reasonable public exposure. The DNC and RNC have a tougher time orchestrating things with wild cards floating around.

Regardless the circus is over for now and the electorate has re-discovered what high voter turnout can accomplish. This seems an appropriate time for the electorate to think about trying to reclaim lost territory and to begin asking substantive questions of legislative bodies and demanding scholarly investigations into solutions—like "How can a nation believing itself to be a paragon of democracy wind-up forcing the electorate into choosing between two unpopular, ill-bred undesirables?" and this site's favorite question "How can a nation devoid of humanitarian goals, dismissive of human rights, and primarily exporting war be considered 'the leader of the free world'?"

Thanks for reading. We'll await the answers offline. And good luck with the first Trump administration.

11/08/2016 election day:

Almost two weeks ago on October 27th renowned journalist John Pilger delivered a marvelous address to the Sheffield Festival of Words in Sheffield, England. The speech quite lucidly and concisely addresses important contemporary topics like war, propaganda, western aims, and the U.S. presidential election. It would well-serve every American voter to read and reflect on his words before casting a ballot—despite Mr. Pilger's preference for The Donald over Hillary.

Pilger's affinity seems inversely proportional to the candidate's establishmentarianism and penchant for war: "But what is clear is that Trump is considered a serious threat to the status quo maintained by the vast national security machine that runs the United States, regardless of who is in the White House. The CIA wants him beaten. The Pentagon wants him beaten. The media wants him beaten. Even his own party wants him beaten. He is a threat to the rulers of the world—unlike Clinton who has left no doubt she is prepared to go to war with nuclear-armed Russia and China."

Nonetheless we cannot in good conscience vote for either "major" party candidate. Consequently this site supports the Green Party, the only American political party genuinely advocating world peace and human betterment. We admire their values and wish to build that refreshing political voice in a politically constrained land. Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka espouse "People, Planet, Peace over Profit". GO GREENS!

joni mitchell

11/07/2016 Joni Mitchell's birthday and a Pilger interview:

Today November 7th is Joni Mitchell's birthday. For those who don't know, she is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and free spirit who is said to have "led a truly extraordinary and utterly uncompromising life". Dizzy's in San Diego held its 10th annual Joni Mitchell birthday concert last Friday. The event's web page sports a "don't miss" link to an older video of Joni singing "Big Yellow Taxi", a song she wrote, composed and recorded in 1970.

Dizzy's Joni tribute was Friday, November 5, 2016, coincidentally the same day that RT.COM aired John Pilger's recent 25 minute interview with Julian Assange. That interview is well worth watching or reading. One of the more salient points is that Julian Assange stated unequivocally that "the Russian government is not the source [of Wikileaks' email revelations related to Hillary]". Both interviewer and interviewee are highly credible seekers of truth by avocation. One can take Assange's factual revelations to the bank. In contrast establishmentarians have been taking liberties with relatively vague "intelligence" statements and subsequently dispensing innuendo [wishful thinking] as fact.

Assange's suppositions are another matter and they are generally contentious. Regardless, voters might want to study the transcript of Pilger's interview if only to confirm personal beliefs about tomorrow's choices.

The "leadership" of Democrats and Republicans spawned Washington's current milieu and nowadays even bipartisan thoughts and action cannot solve the problems created. Consequently this site advocates for the Green Party to help build a refreshing political voice. The Greens espouse: "People, Planet, Peace over Profit" and are the only contemporary American political party genuinely focused on world peace and human betterment. Democrats and Republicans are totally focused on acquiring or maintaing power and subsequently serving their biggest campaign donors. It's a longer-term no-brainer—GO GREENS.

11/04/2016 Jesus and Standing Rock:

Between CBS in late October and the NYT yesterday, virtually evey MSM outlet has aired something of substance about the "rediscovery" of Jesus' tomb in order to facilitate precautionary repairs intended to preserve the revered site intact.1 Like the NYT article linked above noted: it is "perhaps Christianity's holiest site".

So I couldn't help wondering what Christian legions worldwide might do if Unocal or some other shekel-worshiping entity like Dakota Access were trying to put a pipeline through the middle of it. To me that scenario is analogous to what the Standing Rock Sioux Nations currently are opposing in Standing Rock, North Dakota—a pipeline running through sacred burial grounds.

Despite the pipeline site's being non-Christian holy ground, core-issues are extremely important and without adequate MSM coverage. If it weren't for Amy Goodman and DemocracyNow.Org almost no American would have heard about the pipeline standoff. Commendably Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her vice-presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka both have Morton County, North Dakota, arrest warrants issued against them for their activities while participating in the Sioux-led demonstrations.

Unlike their political competition, Greens take no corporate donations and have keen interest in individual rights and in amplifying the voice of commoners throughout our society. These are enlightened, courageous individuals who zealously would attempt to redirect America's Executive toward relatively humane, sustainable goals. The Greens profess "People, Planet, Peace over Profit". GO GREENS!

1sentence edited for clarity 11/05/2016.

11/03/2016 accountability and war crimes:

Today's favored RT.COM article focuses on "gross miscarriages of justice" the U.S. employed in attempting to "justify" the existence of the controversial U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to prolong the war in Afghanistan..

Those of us who have researched the Gitmo affair to any cursory degree already are aware that the U.S. most often used bad intelligence in acquiring prisoners and ultimately rigged its own legal system to hide its sins. A poignant single episode documented by defense attorney Leonard Goodman in 2012 reveals an astounding lack of due process for typically innocent "detainees". The subject of that article, Shawali Khan, was released from Gitmo in 2015 after needlessly serving roughly 12 years in U.S. custody, yet still is denied reasonable justice. Every American ought to read the articles linked above and reflect on the fact that nowadays mechanisms are in place in a fashion that this could happen to you.

Despite Republican CYA claims to the contrary, it is a documented fact that only about 5% of all Gitmo detainees were captured by American forces. Roughly 86% were "purchased" from such trusted sources as the Taliban for thousands of dollars per head. The enterprising Taliban frequently hijacked ignorant innocents and sold them as fearsome enemies—capitalism at its finest. The United States government and its compliant [complicit] MSM "journalists" would have all this hidden in darkness forever "in the interests of national security".

Nevertheless let's talk a bit about accountability and war crimes. International kidnapping has been a major crime as long as I can remember and certainly since WWII torture has been considered an egregious war crime. Unfortunately only the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) has thus far adjudicated members of the George W. Bush administrations as war criminals for "violations of international law, the Geneva Conventions and the Torture Convention" and more. Lamentably KLWCT findings are largely symbolic.

So as yet there is no real accountability for U.S. torture, kidnapping, and total disregard for civilized norms established by convention. The same is true for America's illegal Mid East invasions—no accountability just yet. Even after the Chilcot Report determined the Iraq invasion to be unwarranted and U.K. participation ill-advised, there has been no American MSM cry for unraveling truths. Most of the U.S. public likely has no clue that Chilcot even exists.

Nonetheless estimated in excess of two million earthlings have needlessly lost their innocent lives as a direct result of illegal and unwarranted U.S. activities since 2001—activities coincidentally spawning the greatest European refugee crisis the world has ever known. Together the numbers slaughtered, wounded, and displaced are staggering. These things beg redress from other than consequent terrorism. U.S. policy underpins the bulk of these problems and it's a sure bet that Hillary would further aggravate the predicament. The only American political party with keen interest in world peace and human betterment is the Green Party. . They espouse: "People, Planet, Peace over Profit." GO GREENS!

1domain no longer available 02/11/2017 - links removed. As of 5/29/2017 domain is under new ownership unaffiliated with Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

11/02/2016 "proto-fascist" versus "corruption queen":

According to RT.COM, Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party's presidential candidate, says our American two-party rigging is forcing the nation to choose between a "proto-fascist" and a "corruption queen": "Whether it's Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House, we're gonna have to fight like hell to stop the next war, to stop World War III, to stop climate catastrophe, to stop the overtake of fascism over our country ... We got a fight on our hands, and we need a political voice for that fight".

And characteristically she is right on target. Under the "leadership" of Democrats and Republicans the nation has steadily declined while completely succumbing to militarism. We support the Greens in order to help build the political voice necessary to ultimately redirect America toward the sustainable goals and scholarly ideals which are necessary components of stateliness.

Ike warned us about militarism in 1961 and cautioned that "America's leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment". The Greens are the only contemporary American political party with keen interest in either world peace or human betterment. And they espouse: "People, Planet, Peace over Profit." GO GREENS!

hillary history

11/01/2016 Churchill, Assange, Clinton, Trump, Comey, Sanders:

Winston Churchill once said that if he were living his life over he would enter broadcasting. At the time he suggested it would be the best way to sway masses toward any specific belief. Few would argue this is not still the case. Churchill was less interested in disseminating truth, or educating, than in spinning public opinion. Since the allegedly glorious days of WWII spin has become politically expedient fine art.

Hillary for example is unwilling to admit that her difficulties in this election result from her own past behavior and performance. Ludicrously she has used undaunted spin to convince a significant portion of the electorate that the Russians, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and FBI Director James Comey all are conspiring against her righteously innocent self. The Donald meanwhile says accusatory ladies are dispensing fabricated tales about his chivalrous being and he intends to file individual lawsuits when the election ends—which can't be soon enough for most of us.

The failings of both DNC and RNC are obvious this time around. To document exactly how the choice for "leader of the free world" boiled down to two undesirables would require wallowing in major party committees' squalor and risking contamination. Suffice it to say that Democrats had a marvelous chance to present a more respectable candidate in the form of Bernie Sanders who incidentally could have trounced The Donald in any general election. DNC collusion and complicit establishment spin hijacked that candidacy and the entire world probably will suffer needlessly because of it.

Unless the Green Party stages an implausible upset. With any other outcome, America is likely to get what she deserves. A Green win is not likely but an excellent showing would prove beneficial in the next election. GO GREENS!

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