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03/28/2017 Idious Burguise:

Armies of journalists have generated countless reams and volumes condemning American-led Middle East belligerence and its horrific aftermath. Few if any of these efforts inherently convey the poignancy interwoven throughout anthropologist Idious Buguise's uniquely-styled seven-year-old effort entitled "Back Then in Baghdad ... And Now?".

On this fourteenth anniversary [March 20th] of America's great Iraqi boondoggle—arm-in-arm with Western pigeons labeled "the coalition of the willing" by Dubbya—we were compelled to carefully reread Buguise's work and once again relish the piquancy of that gem.

We hope our readers can find the time to leisurely drink-in her words and all they represent: Back Then In Baghdad ... And Now? by Idious Buguise.


03/17/2017 "the mask is off":

It certainly seems that powerful forces favoring corporatism, militarism and racism are hell-bent to control American policy directions. Ralph Nader has noticed the trend and concisely, eloquently, and honestly reveals his thoughts in today's interview with DemocracyNow.Org's Amy Goodman. We suggest watching or reading the exchange in its entirety. Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Nader his points are invariably incisive and valid. This could prove to be the best summary to date of the very early days of the last 100% Republican administration.

A couple of days ago another powerful DemocracyNow.Org video was posted concerning the hot contemporary topics of propaganda and fake news. This short educational video is based on a 1988 joint work by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman and is narrated by Amy Goodman. Essentially it reveals how and why corporate-owned media is complicit in "manufacturing consent" of the governed for most anything the organization of political means desires. It too is very worthwhile for the educable few.

03/08/2017 DAPL, Obamacare, budgets, and terrorism:

With the unheralded exceptions of various tribes of American Indians, America's inhabitants traditionally have been poor stewards of the continent. Arguably the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) "water protector" protesters enjoyed both the rule of law and the power of righteousness on their side, nevertheless they were summarily defeated1 by the organization of political means nowadays manifest in an unsympathetic sitting President.

That defeat does not alter the fact that the poisoning of our environment, which Tennessee Williams called "man's inhumanity to God", is in any context, the ultimate and overriding global concern of mankind—still foolishly neglected and ridiculed by contemporary Yankee politicians whose answer to environmental concerns is an expressed desire to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency if at all possible.

In any case today's legislative priorities for both Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than nourishing the organization of political means at the expense of everything and everyone else. Publicly it seems any pretense of humanitarian concern is gone. Relevantly, with or without Obamacare, access to reasonably priced health care remains far outside the reach of growing numbers of hard-working arguably underpaid Americans as well as hopeful immigrants. Right now Republicans seem focused on repealing Obamacare in haste simply to showcase the new administration's "first test of presidential legislative power" irrespective of how that showcasing affects the needy and disenfranchised. It's the Republican way.

And it's no coincidence that over half America's annual discretionary revenue since WWII has been devoted either to the undermining or the devastation and slaughter of those who might possibly garner more continuing influence than Uncle Sam in various parts of the world—this is what bamboozled Yankee taxpayers call supporting "free enterprise" or "defending our freedoms" which it is neither but is the root cause of international terrorism as it is known today. Nevertheless military budgets and hidden budgets for surveillance and disinformation remain sacrosanct and continue to grow uncontrollably—demonstrating the sinister clout of what some call "the deep state".

1bad link removed 08/28/2017


03/01/2017 budgeting atrocities:

We can only surmise that a preponderance of American taxpayers get all goose-bumpy about The Donald's decision to increase the U.S. miltary budget from bloated to "biggly-bloated" by adding another 54 billion. Nevertheless let's keep in mind what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn told us a few years back: "To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good". .

This site's favorite question is "how can a nation devoid of humanitarian goals, dismissive of human rights, and primarily exporting war be considered 'the leader of the free world'?" Answers we've received to date include "only in western media is America considered a leader" and "effective fake news does it"—both of which are the same answer stated differently and both of which shed light on contemporary western fear and collective disparagement of RT, a burgeoning Russian news competitor subtly taking issue with traditional western narratives which tout the necessity of war for "goodness' sake",.

In any case it's easy to see American government's penchant for war by tracking revenue allocations. Since WWII well over half of America's discretionary funds have gone to the military-industrial complex—now the military-industrial-surveillance complex—arguably to the detriment of what Nock called the "progressive hunmanization of mankind" or "civilization" as it might be idealistically defined.

Many hard-working but less-wealthy Americans find both adequate health-care and adequate employment training out of reach—despite America's being perceived from afar as a promised land where "the poor man washes his own Cadillac". Nonetheless one of the more destitute countries in the hemisphere has free and enviable health care and education available to all citizens despite the nation's punitive isolation and severe economic sanctions imposed by western interests. In other words in defiance of perennial poverty the people and their government constantly demonstrate more collective class than their well-to-do Yankee brethren.

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