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08/29/2016 NSA hacking tools and Russia:

MSM still seems to support the notion that Russian players purloined the NSA hacking tools currently being auctioned online. Last Friday asked William Binney his thoughts on the situation and characteristically Mr. Binney provided the most plausible speculation to date: "The probability is that an insider provided the data". He explained that remark and his additional comments are required reading for anyone who still believes MSM's diversionary premise that Russia is America's online bogeyman.(See the above link for details.)

Almost a month ago Mr. Binney suggested that since the NSA already has all of Hillary's emails plus the DNC emails, the DNC leaks might well be an NSA "inside job" as well. Mr. Binney has enormous experience inside the organization. and likely understands NSA mindsets better than the vast majority of publicized online contributors. We'll always defer to his insider experience and first-hand knowledge. He is considered by many insiders to be the father of all NSA hacking tools and certainly nowadays is a more reliable speculative source than the prevaricating Director of National Intelligence or anyone under his command. Wiliam Binney left the NSA due in-part to the unpalatable duplicity of leadership. Coincidentally so did Edward Snowden. Gerald Celente loves to point out that "fish rot from the head down".

08/29/2016 ultimately cashless societies:

Last Friday (DB) published a mildly disconcerting article about last week's Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole. The conference was keenly attentive to the concept of negative interest rates and germane papers were presented on site. DB coupled that Fed focus with what it called the Wall Street Journal's collusive conference lead-up in publishing a "longish editorial by Dr. Kenneth Rogoff, the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University ... also the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund and the article was taken from [Rogoff's] upcoming book, The Curse of Cash".

One essential Rogoff premise is that "There is little debate among law-enforcement agencies that paper currency, especially large notes such as the U.S. $100 bill, facilitates crime: racketeering, extortion, money laundering, drug and human trafficking, the corruption of public officials, not to mention terrorism". Sounds like some kick-ass legislation eventually will be needed to protect us all from the evils of circulating cash. Hmm. But don't ALL assets contribute to these sinister things? After all, the love of wealth is the root of all evil. Nevertheless perhaps when every monetary transaction is tracked and every physical asset requires title, nothing of value legally can be hidden from "authorities" so there can't be too much major crime—except among the altruistic "authorities"—surely an inherent blessing to tax collectors and law enforcement. Good luck with the resulting society.

At the end of the DB article, the authors zoom out to make what appears to be a highly insightful four-sentence macro-conclusion: "The mechanism of central banking is purposeful ruin. The end-result of this ruin is global governance. In the short-term this goal is disguised by an academic patina. But the long-term goal, an increasingly apparent one, is a brutal restructuring of the lives of seven billion people to benefit a handful of elite controllers." The argument seems irrefutable.

08/22/2016 accountability and crime without punishment:

About three weeks ago the DoD's Office of Inspector General issued an audit report1 of the U.S. Army's general expenditure fund and discovered approximately 6.5 trillion dollars unaccounted for. On the day before 9/11 that figure was approximately 2.3 trillion dollars. The 4.2 trillion dollar difference apparently accrued over almost exactly 15 years and averages a calculated loss of about 280 billion annually—roughly half the approximated average of annual discretionary funds allocated by Congress for DoD's use in that time frame.

Obviously the Army's accounting methodologies are both financially inacurrate and administratively atrocious. How is it possible that a single branch of the U.S. Armed Forces can misplace 280 billion dollar a year for 15 consecutive years without triggering "oversight" alarms? Whatever loss finally is determined, what happened to the money? Did it go to secret operations like purchasing alleged "terrorists" from the Taliban for Gitmo incarceration? Buying illicit arms through 3rd parties in order to fuel Middle East conflicts? No matter where the money went, it is, as Ike said, "in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed". Nevertheless no one is expected to "swing" for misplacing a mere 6.5 trillion dollars—Treasury can run longer shifts and purchase larger printing presses if necessary. Anyway it's all just taxpayer debt in the end.

1dead link removed 10/12/2017

nsa satellite

The real point to be made here is that today's government in general and the U.S. military in particular are not held accountable for much of anything. Several years ago for example Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former NSA Director Keith Alexander, two enormously influential DoD employees, lied on national TV to Congress. the public, and the entire rest of the world about NSA surveillance activities. Elaborate high-profile tales were fabricated to bamboozle audiences and Alexander, a West Point graduate, invited the entire Senate to a "special" classified briefing about NSA success in thwarting over 50 terrorist plots with mass surveillance—claims which eventually proved to be elegant lies completely without merit. Regardless neither individual was so much as chastised for these serious crimes—nominally punishable by fines exceeding a million dollars and more than 30 years in prison—ostemsibly because the perpetrators in this case well-serve the powers-that-be. So much for America's rule of law.

Consequently it should be no surprise that America's favorite Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, instead of admitting unpalatable truths, chose to spin an elaborate tale of victimization in order to capitalize on, rather than be penalized for, childish vandalisms of Brazilian property for which he and his privileged colleagues held little visible respect. In essence he mimicked the U.S. government's contemporarily distinguishing behavior by misrepresenting facts in order to conceal disgusting activities and values. In 1914, SCOTUS' fledgling Associate Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in his renowned Olmstead dissent that "Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law ..."—a part of the well-known passage incidentally quoted by Timothy McVeigh at sentencing for his ignominious Oklahoma-based parody of murderous government behavior.1 which he perceived to have occurred in both Idaho and Texas without redress. And so it goes, lacking responsible governance.

Lack of law enforcement accountability is the core Black Lives Matter grievance although unjustifiable police shootings do not exclusively victimize African-Americans. Lack of U.S. policymakers' accountability, along with their de facto contempt for international law, is the essence of international terrorism grievances. In defiance of rules generally observed and regarded as binding in relations between nations, the U.S, with impunity and without due cause, has conducted calamitous invasions of sovereign nations whose residents invariably prefer pre-invasion conditions over the continuing barbarism now experienced in the euphemistic interests of freedom and democracy. . Moreover all earthlings nowadays are at risk from America's drone assassinations which whimsically can occur anywhere in the world in secret and without either due process for the individual targeted or due consideration for innocent bystanders. Jeremy Scahill says in a well-documented work The Assassination Complex that in one specific operation "... during one four-and-a-half month period ... nearly 90 percent of the people killed ... were not the intended targets ..." All things considered, it's no wonder inhabitants of these countries are frequently radicalized.

Editor's notes:

1It is generally recognized that Timothy McVeigh was suffering "an exaggerated sense of justice" and seeking revenge and retribution for perceived unjustifiable federal assaults on the Randy Weaver family in Caribou Ridge, Idaho, and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

08/16/2016 quantum efforts:

In the past 24 hours a number of sources, including CNN Money, have reported that a group calling themselves "Shadow Brokers" are holding an online auction for purloined NSA hacking tools, All indications are that the tools are authentic and there is little doubt that the NSA associative family has been violated in some fashion. Julian Assange has proclaimed that Wikileaks is holding a large trove of the same materials—unrelated to the Shadow Brokers effort—and will, "in due course", provide a "pristine copy".

liberty's light

None of this should surprised anyone. As long as there is information in cyberspace, that information will be vulnerable to discovery. Obviously even the NSA—America's "number one" bulwark against terrorism and cyber threats—is ultimately helpless in reality. Nonetheless American officials seem fixated on keeping NSA's finger in the dyke at all costs—whether or not monetary—and also seem content to squander endless revenues trying futilely to crush ideologies with bombs and drones while consequently proliferating worldwide extremism and refugee crises. Today's "leader of the free world" primarily exports needless war.

Meanwhile the Chinese are looking ahead and spending somewhat more wisely. Today Bejing announced the launch of an ostensibly hack-proof "quantum satellite", a communications first in this world. According to Reuters, the official Xinhua news agency said that "Quantum communication boasts ultra-high security as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated ... It is hence impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information transmitted through it" Reuters went on to say that, "China insists its space program is for peaceful purposes, but the U.S. Defense Department has highlighted its increasing space capabilities, saying it was pursuing activities aimed to prevent adversaries from using space-based assets in a crisis". How dare they even think about it?

The Russians too seem to be moving ahead, Today the first strikes against terrorist forces in Syria were conducted by Russian long-range bombers recently based in Iran—well planned efforts for a variety of reasons, and more indication that America must eventually consider playing ball with other than Yankee interests.1 Times are changing. Secrecy is no longer a reliable asset, and the days of empire are numbered. The time for real diplomacy, detente, and mutual respect is now.

"Vote Green in 2016" has a nice ring to it.

Editor notes:
1We failed to note reportedly imminent Chinese involvement in Syria which mention belongs here. Also RT.COM's quantum satellite piece is characteristically a bit more informative than most similar articles—for example, "when two people share an encrypted quantum message, if a third person intercepts it, it will change in an unpredictable way".

08/12/2016 blaming others:

It has been a little over two weeks since White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco addressed the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York and announced new federal guidelines for dealing with "significant cyber incidents". At that time this site commented on available information and noted that, "Despite what government shills would have you believe, there are seldom unequivocal determinations of computer-hack origins and that is especially true of State sponsored incidents. Most likely future official cyber-incident determinations will be expediently politicized under the new directive in order to 'justify' heavy-handed punitive measures toward America's fashionably demonized enemy-of-the-moment." Those comments made us predictably prescient.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that "U.S. officials are discussing whether to respond to computer breaches of Democratic Party organizations with economic sanctions against Russia, but they haven't reached a decision about how to proceed ..." Today RT.COM noted that "the FBI and intelligence agencies investigating the cyberattack have 'signaled' that the attack was 'almost certainly' carried out by 'Russian-affiliated hackers,' according to the WSJ". Hmm. Despite the demise of America's "innocent until proven guilty" judicature "almost certainly" fails to test "beyond reasonable doubt" and in this case is inherently questionable considering the players. MSM, POTUS [executive branch communities by affiliation], and the DNC all appear to be zealous advocates of Hillary's presidential bid and hell-bent to pin the DNC data breach on "them bad old Russkies" in the interests of shaping public opinion.

A few days ago this site reported the best MSM information regarding the DNC-hack to be at CNN Money since July 26th. Even today there is no better MSM information available. Nonetheless media speculation, innuendo, and spin have created an alternative reality for the easily bamboozled masses who remain habitually devoted to MSM outlets. As long as the electorate accepts frivolous government accusations as fact without proof, government will freewheel self-serving deceit until the whistleblowers come home.

Those who read the CNN article cited above might have noted this comment: "The FBI has made bold declarations in recent years, part of a highly public shaming campaign". Public shaming is all well and good but it doesn't require much proof when directed in America against the Chinese People's Liberation Army and North Korea. Personally I'll believe that the North Korean government had a hand in hacking Sony pictures after our "intelligence" communities have issued a technically-irrefutable "white paper" detailing the specialized methodologies and procedures culminating in that finding. But that won't happen. Hiding behind "national security interests" such details typically are classified "top secret" when in fact they frequently are wishful thinking—analogous to discoveries about prejudicial testimony from the FBI's vaunted crime labs. It's a traditional form of federal deceit which regularly underpins federal revenue streams. Related public announcements accordingly are politically expedient.

08/10/2016 two of a kind:

Too many American are surprised to learn that individuals in other countries frequently think of international U.S. activities as terrorism. To better understand why, consider the recent suggestions of former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell who appears to be both a friend and kindred spirit to Hillary Clinton.

Morell is just another high-level U.S. official characteristically encouraging clandestine international murder without due process—this time targeting Russians and Iranians in Syria simply because he thinks, in general, they deserve it for supporting the country's legitimate government. He also seems to believe that his type of proposed operation gains "diplomatic leverage", without explaining exactly how

Nevertheless he doesn't think his recommended "hits" need be made public or acknowledged by the Pentagon or CIA as they sometimes are in the U.S. drone assassination program,. "You don't stand up at the Pentagon and say 'we did this,' but you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran"" is how he phrased it according to RT.COM.

The Intercept gives more detail about Morell's comments and a great deal more information about the man himself. It probably will not be surprising to learn that he also proposes bombing Syria's government installations just to "scare Assad" [more diplomatic leverage?]. In any case, according to the Intercept, "He compared his proposal to American support for groups that targeted Russian forces in Afghanistan during the 1980's—efforts that later helped incubate al Qaeda".

The real point to be made here is that Morell's psychopathic rationale is typical of that steering the nation's contemporary international intercourse and it has created nothing but specific horrors which have spawned the exponential growth of extremism worldwide. When Ike gave his military-industrial complex speech back in 1961 he ended it with a hope that—despite the weight of the military-industrial combination—"all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love".

But mutual respect is something that American exceptionalism traditionally excludes. Post 9/11 invasions were arbitrary, capricious, without reasonable cause, and astoundingly disrespectful of sovereignty and international law. Subsequent international kidnappings, torture, and clandestine incarcerations—all without due process—are indefensible both in human rights litigation and under international law. Drone assassinations also are indefensible. Nevertheless militarism and war profiteering nowadays are in total control.

Early this month Michael Morell quit his day job in order to pimp for Hillary. Unfortunately in present-day high-stakes gambling, two-of-a-kind simply doesn't amount to very much.

hillary history

08/08/2016 choosing an illness:

Over the weekend the Green Party National Convention in Houston, TX, formally selected Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka as their candidates for president and vice president respectively. These are certainly the most desirable and down-to-earth candidates in the field. Enlightened common sense and commendable values are readily apparent in the Greens' platform and at the candidates' respective web sites. Also the Greens accept no corporate contributions, therefore are beholden only to a sponsoring electorate. This ticket potentially could bring the real and desirable change which Barack Obama promised back in 2008 but never delivered.

Yesterday by video link Julian Assange visited the Greens' convention and reiterated his view that choosing between Hillary and The Donald is analogous to choosing between "cholera and gonorrhea"—all the while stressing the importance of voting for neither. As he implied, no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Perhaps this time around a third party will have the best heretofore shot ever in clannish U.S. politics. Time will tell.

The Wikileaks founder is still corralled in Ecuador's London embassy, however, unlike the western powers who persecute him, he doesn't hide information about equivocal publically-funded activities from the eyes of the world and it's a safe bet that he hasn't lied to the ears of the world either. In these fraudulent, disingenuous, and impious times, Assange's ability to uncover and publish information stashed away in the darker nooks and crannies of questionable governance is an enormous asset to contemporary earthling societies—truly worthy, from an American perspective, to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Let's hope that he is patiently holding something astoundingly germane to the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

08/05/2016 transparency and democracy:

Apparently U.S. State Department psychopaths can no longer contain their own hysteria when presenting ludicrous press releases in public. According to at least four primary souces today—one of which is RT.COM (video there too)—DoS spokesperson Mark Toner briefly burst into uncontrollable laughter when describing his briefing as an "exercise in transparency and democracy". If it weren't such a serious issue we could all have a laugh. The entire federal bureaucracy seems to be underpinned by a culture of deceit and many already realize that Mr. Toner's tattletale Freudian slip is only the tip of the iceberg.

08/04/2016 Green Party national convention:

The Green Party kicked-off its national convention in Houston, TX, today and it certainly appears that they are the only American political party with truly educated leadership. The Democrats are well-trained establishmentarians, the Libertarians are the establishment in drag, and the Republicans are just, well, contemporary Republicans with tantrums screaming louder than words.

Jill Stein is the presumptive Green nominee and she has announced her potential runnng mate to be Ajamu Baraka. If you've followed Ms. Stein's earlier efforts with any interest at all, and if you've read any of Mr. Baraka's very focused, thoughtful, sometimes brilliant, and always accurate works pertaining to U.S. policies in general and foreign policies in particular, then likely you already know how positively transformative such an enlightened administration could be.

Of course election odds are heavily stacked against American third parties, nevertheless THIS IS THE ELECTION in which to vote one's conscience. All earthlings will lose whether the Democratic or Republican nominee is selected and it absolutely makes no difference at all which—if either—might occupy the Oval Office. There are no significant degrees of undesirability between the two. THIS IS THE ELECTION in which to make a statement if nothing else.

Here is an article from Jill Stein's web site which will provide the uninitiated with a little more insight about the Greens' presumptive ticket: Ajamu Baraka as VEEP. Enjoy.

humane paradigm

08/02/2016 Jill Stein's running mate:

Today presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein announced that her running mate will be Ajamu Baraka. If ever there was a doubt about supporting the Green Party ticket, it has been eradicated. Here is a pair offering positive, much-needed, constructive change, intellect, informed reflection, and benign activism in a society that hasn't received any such benefits since around 1787. This year the Green Party is the only ticket in America that anyone can truly for vote "for"—which, at this writing, I intend to do. I currently am a registered Independent and a reformed Republican.

08/01/2016 Jill Stein has cinched my vote:

I'm really tired of voting the "lesser of two evils" and there is no way that I could cast a ballot for either Hillary or The Donald for any office in the land. Historically America's two party system has never offered real choice. Back in the 1930s A.J. Nock said that you couldn't slide "a piece of cigarette paper" between the two platforms on meaningful issues. Thomas Jefferson once referred to the two parties as the "Ins" and the "Outs"—only because of limited office space. This time around, the bumper sticker that suggests "elect the jackass not the crook" will have to clarify which is which. Neither major party is advocating ultimately indispensible social programs or the curtailment of war. However, Jill Stein is doing both. She is a very intelligent lady with an enlightened grasp of governance. Likely she would make an excellent President. If she wins the Green Party nomination in Houston this week, Dr. Jill Stein will have my vote for sure.

08/01/2016 antiwar fervor, heroism, and bravery:

There are many reasons Americans mislaid their antiwar fervor when the Vietnam War ended. One of the most obvious is the discontinuance of compulsory military service. With volunteers donning all the flack jackets, middle class youths are no longer threatened by forced participation. That means that contemporary antiwar protests necessarily are based entirely in principle without the complement of pragmatic self-interests. But who cares? The general public has forgotten Vietnam and the antiwar fervor is not likely to be rekindled until the electorate somehow re-learns the horror and inconvenient truths of war. However today's American battlefield censorship shrewdly precludes that happening. Nowadays news photographers embedded in deployed field units are discouraged from photographing grotesque and horrific scenes commonplace in the aftermath of engagements. Ephemeral "national security" interests further dictate that depicting U.S. cannon-fodder fulfilling its ultimate destiny gives aid and comfort to the enemy. Of course all of this is pure nonsense. Having taxpayers witness the carnage they fund is only fair.

US-led forces have been slaughtering Middle East residents daily for about 16 years and few individuals have seen a single bloody photograph of those operations. MSM does not publish the ones that exist and censorship hampers the acquisition of new images. Characteristically the grand invisible Google web-censor will not allow Google Ads to link to or from pages containing war photos. Coincidentally traditional investigative journalism is poorly funded, in constant decline, and virtually extinct. Despite all this Wikileaks commendably ensured that the public can see at least one murderous operation unfold—consequently so angering the U.S. military-industrial-surveillance establishment that, by using allies and mechanisms designed for fighting terrorism, they've managed to corral founder Julian Assange in Europe long-term without charges of any kind. Nonetheless he equitably deserves gratitude and accolades from the perpetually bamboozled U.S. citizenry. The Presidential Medal of Freedom would be a good start.

Unwarranted military-industrial influence, which Ike so futilely warned against in 1961, has contemporary America eating out of the itchy palms of its needlessly bloody hands. Military expenditures cannot be curtailed and recently approved spending ceilings, legislatively placating public outcry, have been quietly rolled-back. Meanwhile misled children waving cute little American flags are learning that heroes wear military uniforms and employment by the war machine is desirable for prestige alone. Otherwise-rational grownups plaster yellow ribbon decals and flag decals on personal vehicles presumably to remind passers-by that the U.S. can invade, destabilize, and destroy most any nation on earth at any time without due cause and no one on the planet can do a damned thing about it—and the driver of this symbol-ladened vehicle, by God, is proud of it!

This past Memorial Day I was taken aback by the flag-waving foolishness of adults right here in my own hometown as reported by the local weekly newspaper. Memorial Day is set aside for remembrance of deceased war veterans. Their memory is best served by denigrating war and by emphasizing the lingering pain that accompanies their untimely deaths. Elevating those de facto war crime victims to hero status is absurd—counterproductive at best—unless an inherent part of propaganda efforts. Hmm.

leshia evans

There is nothing heroic about serving in an imperialistic war machine. It is akin to helping the school bully take lunch money from the smallest most vulnerable kids on the playground. Webster's New World Dictionary says imperialism is "the policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire in seeking to control raw materials and world markets by the conquest of other countries, the establishment of colonies, etc". That sounds a bit too much like American tradition. Nonetheless imperialism enriches the pecuniary interests of multinational corporations and international bankers and inherently erodes respect for sovereignties. It is immediately devastating to citizens of invaded nations and long-term can only be detrimental to working people everywhere.

Anyone interested in real heroism and bravery doesn't need to leave the country in order to see it and might consider civil activism to become immersed in it—military service is less likely to reveal it. There are a few organizations bravely serving essential interests of the American people—the ACLU is among the more well-known and probably the most consistently successful, and fledgling Code Pink came to mind just now. Individuals can also operate independently. Early in July1 a brave young woman and mother to her 5 year old son epitomized real heroism and bravery in an iconic photograph taken by a freelance photographer. I am not aware that she's affiliated with any organization at all. She traveled from New York to Baton Rouge to "march for a better future for my son". With her for a mom I'm sure he'll have it.

1"June" corrected to "July" 08/03/2016.

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